Learn Local has received two donations that have blown us away!

Are you sitting down? Learn Local has received two donations that have blown us away! We want to give an enormous THANK YOU to a Harvard Elementary family who donated $5,000 AND a Travis Elementary family who donated $2,000 which includes their corporate match. We are so grateful for their generosity and continued support of our mission!

These funds will be used to purchase equipment for the Science and STEM Departments at Hogg Middle School. Being "science literate" is absolutely necessary for the next generation, and with the help of our community, Learn Local will work hard to get the Razorbacks the tools they need to be successful!!!

Learn why the Jensen-Morgan Family chose Hogg Middle School!

by Gigi Jensen, parent of a 9th grader at Lamar H.S., 7th grader at Hogg M.S. and 4th grader at Browning E.S.
(photo was taken the evening of Olive's induction into the National Junior Honor Society at Hogg M.S.)

Hello! I’m Gigi Jensen and our daughter Olive started as a 7th grader at James Hogg Middle School this year. Olive attended Travis Elementary, as did her sister Annie, now a freshman at Lamar H.S. After Tra...vis E.S., Annie went on to Lanier for middle school. She adjusted pretty quickly and did well in her classes. When Olive was accepted to Lanier M.S., we assumed that she would do the same.

Almost from the start, Olive felt overwhelmed. It wasn’t long before she (and we) were up late almost every night attempting to keep up with homework, assignments and worksheets. We had to pull her from swimming (which she loves) to give her more time for homework and weekends became all about catching up. Olive always had solid grades at Travis E.S., but we saw her grades start to drop. Worst of all, she was losing confidence in herself.

My husband Keith and I decided that we had to make a change. I scheduled a meeting with the Magnet Coordinator at James Hogg M.S., went on a tour and talked with several parents. We decided to move Olive to Hogg M.S. and are so glad we did! She’s back on track with homework and grades, and the work she’s doing seems more relevant to true learning. She likes her teachers and when I email them I get immediate, thoughtful responses. Most importantly for us, she’s regained her confidence!

During the last couple of years, we’ve come to realize that our three kids all have different needs and what may be a good fit for one may not be for the others. Our son Eyob is in fourth grade at Browning Elementary and we anticipate that Hogg M.S. will be a great choice for him as well.

We’re very happy to be part of the Razorback family!

Learn why the Alaniz Family is choosing Hogg Middle School!

by Laura Alaniz, parent of a 5th grader at Travis E.S. and Principal at Harvard E.S.

My husband Armando and I are both experienced school administrators and we understand the many challenges of school leadership. We value families as partners in the school so naturally we want to continue to invest in our community schools.

We have chosen Hogg Middle School for our daughter, Samantha, because we believe in the concept of Learn Local. We believe every family should have the option to attend their neighborhood school.

One of the reasons I accepted the position of Principal at Harvard Elementary is due to the implementation of the IB curricula. I believe children learn best using a project-based learning approach that addresses different learning styles. At Hogg M.S., we both believe Ms. Sugarek communicates a clear vision that has developed it into a true IB World School and it will become one of the Top Tier middle schools in the country.

In addition to implementation of IB at Hogg M.S., there are numerous enrichment opportunities for our daughter. She has participated in sports, dance, music and art programs within the Heights community, and we know Hogg M.S. will further support her interests. Through school and her extracurricular activities, Samantha has made many friendships and we have come to know many lovely families. As we take this next step, we look forward to sharing our middle school experience with them.

For us, Hogg Middle School is our choice!

Principal Search Meeting

HISD is looking for the next Hogg M.S. Principal and they want to hear from current and future Hogg M.S. parents and the local community. Please join us in the Hogg Middle School Cafeteria to share what characteristics, skills, background and traits you want to see in the next leader at Hogg M.S. Thursday, May 28 at 6:00pm -OR- Friday, May 29 at 6:00pm

PLAN to attend at least one meeting. THINK about Hogg's strengths and areas for improvement. COME prepared to share at least 3 attributes you would like to see in our next Principal. This is our opportunity to have our voices heard and be a part of developing a vision for what we want. If you are not able to attend either meeting, please reply to this message and we will make sure to share your comments.